Dear best friend ,
you're stupid ! you fail ! you're weird !
You're not perfect ! But , that's ok ! I'm like that too . . We laugh at the randomest things . You now my ugliest side . Even though we disagree sometimes . . When I'm sad , you were always there to make sure I'm ok . . Thanks for being there for me ! But, all that has changed! you changed! You are not a friend that I knew before! why 

did you change? ! what's wrong with me? ! if you explain what happened, I'll accept it all! but why you can not do it all?! Why? ! Just one clarification! ! ! only one! ! very difficult? ! you changed in the blink of an eye! ! I can not accept it all! I want you to know that I'm first! ! Where were you that I know first? ! Where to go all that? ! Where are my friends never serious? Where my friends are always there by my side? who was always there for me? ! Where is it? !
Where is it? !
Where is it? !


Catat Ulasan


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